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Different Types of Cleanroom Suit

Cleanroom suits or bunny suit cleanroom are the primary clothing worn in clean rooms, which are used for the manufacture of semiconductors, medical devices, and clean room facilities in general. They are made from suits that are typically made of a tricot materials or a synthetic material. They are designed to keep the walls of a clean room as clean as possible. The uniformity of the material used for the suit makes it more efficient, but it also makes it more expensive than normal clothing.

Any suit manufacturer worth its salt will use the finest materials and the best construction techniques, including choice of fabric. You want a suit made from satin that fits perfectly. That’s why in the disposable cleanroom suit industry, we refer to this suit as the Best Satin Fabric.

Non-woven fabrics

Non-woven fabrics are becoming the fabric of choice for many cleanroom applications because they are easy to handle, have good attributes when exposed to ultra-violet and are less polluting than polyester and cotton fabrics. Non-woven fabrics for cleanroom environments are available in a wide variety of materials, designs and finishes. They are mostly made of recycled materials, including polyester, cellulose, cotton, nylon and synthetic fiber.

Spun-bonded or Thermal Bond Fabric

Today, the benefits of using spun-bonded or thermal-bonded fabrics are best appreciated in applications where the goal is to keep flexible fabrics from absorbing water, like fabrics used for seats or wipers. However, as technology becomes more advanced, these materials are beginning to be used in a variety of applications, including outerwear, vehicle upholstery and even military uniforms.

Flash-Spun Fabric

Flash-Spun Fabric is a clothing line created by a group of friends from the South that has become a favorite among creative types and fashion enthusiasts alike. The clothing is handmade and designed to be worn in layers, allowing the wearer to add or subtract clothing to meet the demands of the situation. The various uses of the material and pieces are endless, and when coupled with the lack of labels and hidden seams, make it a unique and comfortable proposition.

Melt-Blown Fabric

Melt-blown fabric is a special type of 3D printing where the material is melted and extruded through a chamber, that is shaped like a tube, to create a model shape. This unique method allows for a high level of detail to be achieved, while maintaining the shape of the model. In this way, melt-blown fabrics can be used to create sculptures or to create architectural models, typically on a smaller scale. The process is often used to make functional models such as medical devices and toys. This process is gaining popularity, and there are now various examples of this being used to create products of different structures and sizes.

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